Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) – Steam Key Giveaway

Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) features a fast paced blend of survival horror, puzzle solving and wave-based horde mode style gameplay as you attempt to arm and defend yourself against an army of undead monsters.

In Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) your aim is to survive for a set amount of time in different defendable locations while being assaulted by waves of undead monsters. The current build (STLD Redux: Episode 2) features one location, a large wood cabin in a forest location, and tasks you with finding ways to survive there for 10 minutes – which isn’t easy!

Around the environments of Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) you’ll find useful objects like guns, health, ammo and melee weapons. But ammo is in short supply and even melee weapons will break eventually, so you need to use everything in the environment to your advantage. You can barricade doors, set traps and activate environmental hazards that will help you cling on to life for a few seconds more. The undead army is no pushover either, with lots of unique bosses to defeat as well as the shuffling zombie hordes.

It’s a great game with fast paced survival horror action gameplay, high quality pixel art animation and environments that are packed full of great little secrets to discover. To celebrate the launch of the Kickstarter, we have 100 Steam keys to give away for Survivor the Living Dead (Redux): Episode 2! To claim your key just carry out any three activities in the widget below and your key will appear instantly!

You Can Check Out the Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) Kickstarter Page Here

Survivor the Living Dead (Redux) – Steam Key Giveaway