Susan Taxpayer – Alpha Demo

Susan Taxpayer is a whimsical 2D action platforming adventure that draws inspiration from the later Wario Land games as an overworked office worker is bombarded by platforming challenges.

With gameplay that’s fondly reminiscent of Pizza Tower, Super Mario World and Wario Land, Susan Taxpayer is a fast and fun action platformer with a strong focus on exploration and replayability. Susan has a nice selection of abilities and can charge through levels quite quickly, but there are lots of collectibles and you also need to make a dash for the level exit once you’ve collected the documents (or you’ll face the wrath of the Briefest Case).

It’s a charming game with a fast paced gameplay, great level design and a visual style that’s packed full of personality. Doing taxes has never been more fun!

Important Note: To play Susan Taxpayer you will also need to download SMBX (a Super Mario Bros fan game engine), and then run Susan Taxpayer through that (like a mod).

Download The Susan Taxpayer Alpha Demo Here (Right Side of Screen)