Suspicious Minds – Prototype Download

suspicious minds

Suspicious Minds is a simple but incredibly tense game that feeds on your paranoia as you stand in the middle of a crowd deciding who’s trying to kill you and who isn’t.

You character stands in the centre of the screen, unable to move, but able to aim his gun with deadly precision.  The problem is trying to find out who want’s to kill you and who doesn’t.

When a civilian stops and starts reaching for something in their pocket, an exclamation mark will appear above their head.  Then they’ll either pull out a cell phone or a gun, and you’d better be pretty quick on the trigger finger if it’s the latter!

Suspicious Minds is still early in development, but already it’s an addictive and very tense affair – maybe everyone isn’t out to get you, but some people definitely are!

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available