S.W.A.G – Prototype


S.W.A.G (Super Wreckless Awesome Gangsta) is a rhythmic first person shooter set in the 90’s where you roam dangerous streets and knock-out your enemy rappers with a finely timed sound blast from your golden boombox.

Gameplay is pretty basic at the moment, but it is still very early in development.  It’s a fun (and tough) game for what it is though, with different enemy types that approach you in different ways and a cool retro visual style.  As the game is developed, we’d love to see other music to blast enemies from and some more gameplay element features.

Like Harmonix’s Chroma, S.W.A.G. looks set to offer up some fun rhythm-based FPS action, only one of the games features a golden boombox gun though!

Check out the official website and trailer HERE

UPDATE: This Prototype Is No Longer Available