Swallow – Game Jam Build Download


Swallow, a short, slightly unsettling game made for the Global Game Jam 2016, shows the importance of following your daily routine.

Most people tend to stick to a ritual-like morning routine. Each day, you wake up and do the same things; brush your teeth, put on a pot of coffee, take your pills, take a shower, and drinking your coffee. Each day these tasks are accompanied with the sound of the morning radio, chattering about the local news or traffic. You are familiar with this routine, always sticking to it before going off to work. It seems like a constant in your life. Until one very vital part of your morning routine changes; you run out of pills.

Your days seem to continue as normal, you following your routine as best as you can. That is, until your world starts to change. This subtle change in your daily routine snowballs, affecting everything. All of a sudden your days at work change, everything inside your home becomes slightly different. The longer you stray from your routine the more your life seems to change before you. After a couple of days, it is almost unrecognizable.  You really need those pills…

Download Swallow Here (Download Link at Bottom of the Page)