SwapBox+ – Alpha Demo

SwapBox+ is a cleverly crafted Portal-esque first person puzzle platformer that sees you using teleportation skills to make your way through its deviously designed puzzles.

SwapBox+ is a more polished and fleshed out version of SwapBox, a tricky logic based first person puzzler made for the Game Maker’s Toolkit Jam. The newest iteration features vastly upgraded visuals and more inventive puzzle design, but the core concept remains – you aim your gun at boxes and other objects to instantly swap places with them.

The current build of SwapBox+ takes around 15 minutes to complete and really impresses with its inventive puzzle design throughout. Your simple swapping/teleportation skill can be used to solve a surprisingly diverse array of puzzles that really test your grey matter. A fun and well designed puzzle platformer that really makes you think outside the (Swap)Box.

Download The SwapBox+ Alpha Demo Here (Windows)