Swapper Story – Student Project Download

swapper story

Swapper Story is a fun game that adds a novel blend of tile swapping to traditional turn based RPG combat to create a unique and strangely addictive adventure.

In Swapper Story you and your motley crew set out on a whimsical quest, punctuated by fun vignettes, branching pathways and fun turn based combat. The character design, UI and animation are all excellent, creating a charming and easily accessible experience. Your troupe all fill different standard roles, such as warriors and healers, and you can customize your the load out of your spells and actions. Where Swapper Story really comes into its own however, is with it’s novel twist on turn based combat, tasking you with matching tiles in order to pull off actions. There’s quite a bit of depth to this combat, as different symbols perform different actions when applied to different characters, and you need to be strategic with your tile swapping to maximise the amount of attacks you can pull of per turn.

Anyone who’s fallen into (and hopefully climbed out of) the time sink of Candy Crush-syle tile swapping games, will know how satisfying the simple act of matching a few tiles is. Swapper Story offers a similar addictive gameplay, but wraps it up in an RPG combat system and fun story that makes for an ultimately more fulfilling experience.  A super tile-swapping adventure.

Download Swapper Story Here (Windows Only)