Swarm of the Plague Babies – Game Jam Build Download

Swarm of the Plague Babies is a ridiculous and hilarious little point and click adventure which follows a clueless conspiracy theorist as he attempts to uncover the “truth” about a mysterious swarm of plague babies.

Created by the talented Charlotte Gore (creator of Aye Fair Lady and Holy Molluscamony), Swarm of the Plague Babies is a thoroughly ridiculous little point and click adventure where a conspiracy theorist called Morette attempts to prove that the Freemasons had a part in unleashing a swarm of “plague babies” on the world. Morette has his own “YouTelly” channel where he talks about conspiracy theories, with his main focus being on making wild accusations about the Freemasons.

Morette has tracked down a lead which takes him to a hospital that’s swarming with plague babies, with a pub right next door called the “three Masons”. Coincidence? Probably. But your Morette won’t see things that way, and his adventure will take some unexpected twists as he hunts for the truth (and sings an incredibly catchy song about a wriggly worm).

It takes around 20 minutes to play through Swarm of the Plague Babies and it’s a delight from start to finish. The pixel art animation is excellent and the story is delightfully silly. You can draw some parallels to the wild conspiracy theories (and the wild conspiracy theorists) that have been doing the rounds during the pandemic, but on the whole the game is played just for laughs, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Alan Gillhespy and Charlotte Gore’s voice acting is a particular highlight and their Wriggly Wriggly Worm song is an absolute banger. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Swarm of the Plague Babies Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)