Sweaty Palms – Alpha Build

Sweaty Palms is a fun little physics based climbing game in which you drag and drop your climbers hands and feet to help him climb various challenging courses to practice for his acrobat show.

In Sweaty Palms you help The Magnificent Murdock, a washed up acrobat who needs to prepare for an upcoming show. He’s a little out of practice and his bunny slippers don’t give him the most purchased on climbing surfaces, but with determination and a bit of luck he may just be able to climb his way up the tricky towers before him in time for the show.

You move Murdock by grabbing his individual hands and feet then dragging and dropping them to another (hopefully higher up) surface. It can be a bit of a slog and there are troublesome birds that you have to bat away, but you can’t dilly dally – take too long and the structures around you will start to fall away, bringing you with them.

Murdock’s lack of agility can occasionally frustrate, but it’s a fun game with a great art style and enjoyable tower climbing gameplay. Murdock’s gangly frame is a wonderfully bizarre sight as he sprawls himself across the levels, inching ever closer to the goal. A quirky little physics based clamberer well worth scaling.

Download The Sweaty Palms Alpha Here (Windows)