Sweet Home – Game Jam Build

Sweet Home is a charming little game where you help a little dung beetle roll a ball of poop through a field, in search of a new dream home!

Life is shit for a dung beetle, literally! You spend your day collecting poop and adding it to your big pile of poop which is your home and your shelter from flying predators. Maybe it’s time to go in search of a dream home that’s not quite as smelly and won’t roll down a hill if you let go of it!

Your aim is to reach a farmhouse that’s at the top of a hill at the end of a bumpy field. However, there are lots of birds that try to attack you so you’ll have to intermittently hide in your dung ball that you take with you. Your dung ball will slowly shrink as you roll it, so you’ll need to search around for more dung to add now and again to keep it a respectable size.

Aside from the pesky birds squawking overhead and the perilous final dash up the hill, Sweet Home is a wonderfully chilled out little game. Your poop rolling adventure takes place in a beautiful low poly countryside, full of life, bushy trees and babbling brooks. It’s a nice place to explore and it’s almost a shame to trade in your mobile poop house for one made of bricks and mortar. The farmhouse probably smells a little better though!

Download Sweet Home Here (Windows)