Swing Dunk – Open Beta

Swing Dunk combines futuristic Rocket-League-esque ball sport with basketball and hoverboarding as players compete in fast paced 3v3 matches.

In Swing Dunk you take control of a hoverboarding basketballer and attempt to outscore your rivals in 3v3 matches. It plays similarly to Rocket League, but you have more control of the ball, with you able to grab it with a grappling beam and swing it around your character to avoid tackles and score stylish slam dunks.

It’s a fun game, with easily accessible gameplay that delivers a novel twist on the futuristic ball sports genre. The main issue at the moment is the audio as there’s no music and the crowd noise is pretty subdued, which means that matches really lack any atmosphere, but if they manage fix the sound then it could be a real blast.

Download The Swing Dunk Beta Here (Steam)