Switch ‘N’ Shoot – Alpha Download

Switch N Shoot Game

Switch ‘N’ Shoot is a super tough and highly addictive shoot em up controlled entirely with one single button!

As you fly through space, facing an onslaught of alien ships, you control your spacecraft with just one button – press it and (as you may gather from the game’s title) you’ll switch directions and shoot your blaster cannons.  This control scheme can take a little time to get used too, but it’s remarkably fun and turns out to be a very competent precision shoot em up.

Aside from the fun control system, Switch ‘N’ Shoot has a cool power-up system that see’s you becoming more powerful the more coins you collect, charming pixel art visuals and a fun random name generator for each of your doomed pilots.  It’s very addictive stuff – the most fun you can possibly have with just one button.

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Download The Switch ‘N’ Shoot Alpha Here (Win, Mac, Linux & Android)