Sword Slinger – Alpha Demo

Sword Slinger is a very clever little puzzle game where you program the actions of a magical sword to make it eliminate all the goblins on each level.

In Sword Slinger your aim is to use a sword to kill all the goblins on each level. However, you don’t have direct control of the sword. Instead you program the actions it will take before the level starts and then you watch as it plays out.

The demo build features ten levels and does a good job of teaching you the ropes of programming your sword. Its behaviour is split up into blocks which follow on from each other and you can program them with different attributes. So your fist action may be to throw the sword in a particular direction, you may then program in a small delay then throw it an in a different direction. You can also program it to take a certain amount of bounces before it performs an action and you can make it throw arrows in any direction.

It’s a clever concept that is surprisingly easy to get to grips with and allows for plenty of finesse. You can approach levels in multiple ways and it’s really satisfying when you pull off the perfect programming to get multiple kills!

Download The Sword Slinger Alpha Demo Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)