Sword With Sauce – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

sword with sauce game alpha

Sword With Sauce is an awesome ninja assassin sandbox game that hands you a selection of brutal weaponry and sets you loose an a blood splattered murder spree in a variety of different locations.

We first featured Sword With Sauce on Alpha Beta Gamer back in October when it was a cancelled Prototype. But thanks to overwhelming support (partly thanks to us, but mostly thanks to the ninja assassin skills of Jacksepticeye), Sword With Sauce has gone back into development and we’re happy to announce the current Alpha Build ups the violence and blood spilling gadgetry significantly!

Sword With Sauce plays a little like Hitman crossed with SUPERHOT and Hotline Miami. It lets you loose in different sandbox environments where a selection of randomly spawned enemies are patrolling. It’s up to you to to kill as many of them as possible using the customizable loadout of weapons and gadgets you have available – ranging from robotic crab bombs to miniature black holes. Your trusty sword is pretty handy to though – perfect for slicing and dicing at close quarters, and can also be thrown at enemies from a distance.

The fast paced murder-spree gameplay of Sword With Sauce feels a lot like Hotline Miami but in first person – it only takes a couple of hits to kill you so direct assaults are usually suicide – to be successful you’ll need to weave around bullets, time your attacks, plan your assaults and react fast when you’re spotted by an enemy. There are three scenarios at in the current build and it’s a blast experimenting with different tactics and weaponry. We really can’t wait to see more of Sword With Sauce as it’s gadget-filled blood splattered sandbox warfare is already ridiculously fun even in these early stages of development.

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Sword With Sauce Steam Early Access Key Giveaway