Swordfish – Game Jam Build

Swordfish, a mini-game packed Hollywood movie themed hacking simulator made for the Movie Game Jam, has you attempting to break into a database and transfer all of the money to your bank account.

In Swordfish you are a hacker, who is looking to take all of the money from a bank account and get rich. This isn’t an easy task and will take several trails before you will have hacked this entire thing. In front of you sits several screens of various sizes, all which link up to each other (much like the hacking console in the Swordfish movie).

For the first task, you must type the various falling words and phrases before they reach the bottom of the bottom row of computers. Once you have passed the typing portion of hacking, you must play an epic game of snake – collecting 30 dots without hitting your own body. Then, you must avoid rockets coming at you and lead 30 of them off the screen without getting hit. After that, you have to decode the text file, and finally, guess the password.

Hacking in Swordfish is pretty challenging and there is no room for mistakes. It’s a fun game though and works as a nice parody of what Hollywood’s thinks hacking is. A quirky little hack ’em up well worth hacking into.

Play Swordfish Here (Windows, Mac, Linux & Browser)