Symphony of Seven Souls – Game Jam Build Download

Symphony of Seven Souls is a beautiful PS1 styled first person horror game where you play your violin to recruit lost souls into your unholy orchestra.

Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers game jam by Katanalevy (creator of Dameonologie and Cardiac), Symphony of Seven Souls is an atmospheric horror game where you recruit spirits to form an unholy orchestra. You step into the shoes of a composer whose creative well has dried up and has had to resort to more drastic measures to create his new masterpiece – the Symphony of Seven Souls.

To do this you’ll need to assemble an unholy orchestra composed of seven lost souls who lurk in the darkened streets of your town. Normally the spirits are totally invisible, but playing your violin can draw them out and convert them to your cause.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, Symphony of Seven Souls does have an eerie atmosphere and some creepy moments, but it’s the beautifully crafted retro styled visuals and spellbinding music that really captivates you. It’s an absolute delight exploring the town, playing your violin and discovering the seven hidden spirits. This horror game won’t horrify you, it will leave you in awe of how beautiful a horror game can be. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Symphony of Seven Souls Here (Windows)