Synthetik – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Synthetik, a challenging, permadeath, roguelike shooter, has you battling through floors of deadly robotic creatures – while collecting weapons, upgrading your equipment and attempting to stay alive.

As you play through each floor of Synthetik, you face huge robots and human-like androids much like yourself. You can take on these deadly robotic forces alone or in online co-op, but either way you’ll need your wits about you – once you die, you will have to completely restart. Levels are semi-randomly generated, to continue to keep you interested no matter how many times you need to restart your mission.

Synthetik also has a ton of weapons, add-ons, and classes that can affect how you play. Reloading and gaining ammo for your weapon, especially in the middle of taking on fire, is quite the challenge. You must eject your old magazine and time the tapping of reloading your ammunition to gain the most bullets in one reload time. This isn’t a whole lot to do, but as enemies fire onto you, you will need to dodge, be quick with the reloads and precise with your shots. There are crates where you can find new weapons, more ammo, and health packs. You can also customize your load-out before starting your mission and purchase new items for some extra help.

It’s a fun, fast paced and spectacle-filled shooter that will really challenge you to think strategically and act quick in order to complete your missions! We have 1000 Synthetik Steam Beta keys to giveaway! The Beta will last until March 12th 16:00 CET. Just carry out any three actions in the widget below and your key will appear instantly!

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Synthetik – Steam Beta Key Giveaway!