SYSCRUSHER is a fast, fun and action packed 90’s styled Sci-Fi first person shooter where you play a lone human who is sent in to deactivate corrupt Skynet-esque systems that have a small army of robots at their disposal to defend themselves.

In SYSCRUSHER you take on the role of Crusher, a freelance bounty hunter of sorts, who specialises in infiltrating and deactivating corrupt computer mainframes. Your current mission in the Beta demo build is a $100,000 contract to destroy a corrupt admin tower and sees you blasting your way past a small army of heavily armed robots and bosses to reach the core and shut it down.

The fast paced futuristic FPS gameplay of SYSCRUSHER feels fondly reminiscent of Perfect Dark (or how you remember it playing – like Goldeneye it’s not aged well). It’s not a Quake-style run n’ gun shooter and it’s not a modern tactical shooter either – it lies somewhere in-between, much like Perfect Dark.

As you blast your way through the robot hordes you’ll collect a selection of high powered weaponry – all of which feels great to use. Pulling off head-shots is particularly satisfying and you can even slow down time for short periods to help you line up your sights perfectly. The majority of the bosses are all bark and no bite, but you have to be careful as you don’t have recharging health/shields and even the weaker robots can easily hit you with a stray shot.

The current build of SYSCRUSHER takes around 30 minutes to play through and it’s a great slice of retro FPS fun. The combat is fast, fluid and responsive and the whole game has a nice sense of pace, with a steady stream of new weapons and big bosses to battle as you make your way to the core. A fun retro robot-blasting romp well worth checking out.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The SYSCRUSHER Beta Demo Here (Windows)

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  1. Perfect dark “hasn’t aged well”? Yeah, no. I just played the game, today. Its definitely has, and it’s still ahead of most shooters in terms of content.

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