System Shock – Pre-Alpha Demo (Steam)

System Shock download

System Shock is a full remake of the 1994 original genre defining classic which introduced a new way of story telling to the FPS genre, creating a first person action role-playing game that had a lasting effect on the industry and paved the way for the Bioshock series.

In System Shock you’re a hacker trapped aboard Citadel Station – a space station that has been taken over by a malicious AI known as SHODAN.  You awake from a healing coma and discover the station is overrun by cyborgs, robots and mutants that all serve SHODAN and don’t take kindly to your presence.  You’ll have to use your wits and your fighting skills as you battle for your survival and attempt to escape alive.

System Shock isn’t just a HD re-master, it’s a full on remake, with vast graphical and gameplay improvements, including re-imagined enemies, weapons and locations, a new music score, an updated UI and new puzzles.  It will still have the same vibe as the original though, in-fact it’s being developed by a lot of the original team and even has Terri Brosius reprising her role as SHODAN.  The Kickstarter already looks to be a success with over $1 million raised already, and for those who can’t wait to explore Citadel Station again, there’s a Pre-Alpha Demo available now!

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Download the Pre-Alpha Demo Here (Steam)