SYSTOLE – Prototype Download

Systole game

SYSTOLE is a great looking puzzle platformer inspired by LimboPrince of Persia and Mega Man, in which you play a little robot with magnets for hands who has just awoken in a decaying post apocalyptic world.

There’s a large focus on magnetism in SYSTOLE with you able to use different magnetic polarities to grab or repel yourself from objects.  You have no memory or instructions, but as you progress you’ll come across broken robots whose memories will help you piece together this world history and what you must do.  You’ll also unlock masks that allow you to see hidden things, strengthen your magnetic fields and enhance your abilities.  You’ll also be able to reroute sections of levels for dramatic effects, such as adding a cooler to a fiery forge level and freezing it solid.

SYSTOLE is still very early in production but it’s already a beautiful place to explore and the wonderfully acrobatic use of magnetism is a fun way to get around.  A very (magnetically) attractive puzzle platforming adventure.

Visit The Greenlight Page HERE

Download The SYSTOLE Prototype HERE (Win & Mac)