T-Rex Breakout – Tech Demo

T-Rex Breakout is a terrifyingly realistic recreation of the T-Rex scene from the original Jurassic Park movie – complete with blood curdling roar and vibrating cups of water on the dashboard.

You start T-Rex Breakout in one of the Jurassic Park off-road vehicles while a T-Rex has just managed to break out of its enclosure to the right of you. You can sit inside the vehicle and watch as the T-Rex prowls around the area or you can attempt to make a break for it and try to survive for as long as possible (FYI you won’t last long!)

T-Rex Breakout is more of a technical showcase than a proper game. You can technically ‘survive’ by making it to the toilet and selecting ’Exit’ but that just unceremoniously dumps you back to the main menu. It’s far more fun to just watch as the T-Rex prowls around your vehicle or go out on foot and try to dodge its attacks.

There have been multiple Jurassic Park games (and Jurassic Park inspired games), but none of them manage to recreate the authentic Jurassic Park experience as well as T-Rex Breakout does. It’ looks and sounds fantastic, and as you sit in the car (or run around it) you’re struck with the same sense of awe and terror as the first time you clapped eyes in that T-Rex in the movie. Highly recommended.

Tip: For some real terror try exiting the vehicle then getting back in once the T-Rex has noticed you!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The T-Rex Breakout Tech Demo Here (Windows)