T-Rot The Last Probe – Student Project Game

T-Rot The Last Probe features a challenging fusion of third person shooting and mazing-style tower defense as you attempt to defend cargo ships from robotic invaders.

In T-Rot The Last Probe you control a little robot that’s tasked with defending cargo ships from invaders. You do have some firepower in the form of guns and rockets, but to stand a chance against the invaders you’ll have to build networks of defenses.

At the start of each match you get to choose a loadout of four defenses from a choice of seven (Turret, Wall Turret, Acid Trap, Laser Trap, Electric Shock, Flame Trap and Barricade). There are seven waves of enemy attacks, culminating in a big boss fight, with a period of respite between each attack that allows you to build defenses. You can block off paths by placing turrets or barricades, allowing you to guide the majority of the robots in one direction, but there are flying bots that can just fly straight over them and the boss can just smash through most defenses.

It’s an addictive little game that offers short blasts of robot blasting tower defense action. It’s quite challenging too, requiring you to experiment with different defense layouts as your plucky little robot attempts to fend off the waves of invaders.

Note: The default control setup is for an AZERTY Keyboard, but you can alter the key bindings via the Unity launcher or just just use a control pad to play. Also, don’t play the first level as it has a bug the causes an invading robot to get stuck before it comes within firing range.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download T-Rot The Last Probe Here (Click On “Télécharger le jeu”)