Table Monster 食べモンスター – Game Jam Build Download

Table Monster

Table Monster 食べモンスター, a strange Sumo Wrestler feeding game made for the Create Jam, see’s you attempting to cram as much food as possible into your weird floppy mouth!

You control the top half of a Sumo Wrestler an in order to stay big and strong, you’re planning to devour some food! Unfortunately, it seems that you are unable to use your hands to help eat this food. Food – like lobster, hamburgers, lollipops, blue whales, small worlds (you know, normal stuff), drift towards your face and it’s up to you to position your head in a way that the food will go into your mouth.

Your mouth moves whenever you move your body, but it seems to move in a more extreme manner than yourself. If you start moving back and forth fast, your mouth will start to flap around like a Mick Jagger’s lips in a blender. There’s also an excitable crowd that cheers every time your face hits the food. Eat enough food and you’ll go onto the next (and even weirder) level.  Bizarre, floppy-mouthed, food-munching mayhem!

Note: Table Monster 食べモンスター requires a controller.

Download Table Monster 食べモンスター Here (Win Only)