Tacopocalypse – Pre-Alpha Demo


Tacopocalypse is a fun taco delivery stunt driving game that plays like a mix between Tony Hawk Pro Skater and Crazy Taxi, as you roam around a city pulling off ridiculous tricks and delivering tasty tacos.

Your car in Tacopocalypse behaves more like a skateboard than a taco delivery automobile, with you able to jump, flip, spin and even grind at will.  You’ll need these stunt skills to help build up your multiplier and get as high amount of cash possible for delivering your tacos.  Delivery of the tacos is simple – simply drive or jump through the large floating taco icons, once you’ve delivered three tacos, you must drive back to the taco store to pick up some more and repeat the process.

It’s a fun and silly blend of stunt driving and skateboarding – Tony Hawks Pro Taco Delivery!

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

UPDATE: Pre-Alpha Demo No Longer Available

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  1. This game is awesome! it gives you that classic feel when an also a amazing experience. With tricks of a skateboard and movement of a taxi. There’s no doubt about it this game can be very addicting.

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