Tactical Breach Wizards – Beta Demo

Tactical Breach Wizards is a narrative-driven turn-based tactics gone set in a world of magic and modern-day weaponry.

In Tactical Breach Wizards you take command of a team of renegade wizards as they attempt to unravel a corporate conspiracy. This generally involves breaching various enemy strongholds and eliminating them with extreme prejudice.

Your wizards all have their own unique personalities and perks that can allow them to create powerful synergies with each other. They also have their own personal struggles and you can help them overcome them between missions.

Because it’s turn-based tactics game Tactical Breach Wizards is bound to draw comparisons to X-Com, but they’re very different games. Tactical Breach Wizards feels quicker, more focused, has more narrative and more humor. It makes for a refreshing take on the genre and its world of wizardy and modern warfare is a lot of fun.

Download The Tactical Breach Wizards Beta Demo Here (Steam)