The Unlikely Adventures of Gabraham Lincoln – Prototype Download

Gabraham Lincoln

The Unlikely Adventures of Gabraham Lincoln is a comical 2.5D action adventure brawler where you play as Gabraham Lincoln on a quest to save a village’s wife’s lumberjack who went into the woods slicing zombies.

You venture through the forest with just your trusty lantern to see, and a shovel to smack those zombies from your path. It’s still very early in development, but the … Read More

Prisma – Alpha Demo


Prisma is a fast paced 2.5D side-scrolling adventure platformer that gives you a unique ability that lets you swap between four different dimensions, including your own.

You play Ray, a young girl who finds herself in the strange world of Aura, and meets a being called Fractal who allows her to switch between dimensions.  These dimensions are based on colors, and each one of them … Read More

Atakapu – Alpha Demo


Atakapu is 2.5D fantasy platformer that has a focus on speed-running, where you play as a creature with multiple costumes, each with their own unique attributes, that you must take advantage of fully in order to finish the level in the fastest way possible.

Aside from your normal attire, you also have access to two costumes, one is made for advanced platforming where you can … Read More

Lunazoa – Student Project


Lunazoa is a 2.5D action adventure puzzle game from DigiPen students where you play as a octopuss-like creature in a diving bell, with physics based tentacles, making your way beautiful but decidedly perilous waters.

In the game you have to grab objects with your tentacles and use them to progress throught he game, such as collecting orbs of light, grabbing pearls and taking them back … Read More