No Way Out? – Game Jam Build

No Way Out

No Way Out?, a game created by ERKBerg for the MiniLD #58, is a short and surprising little game that is very simplistic in its design but may have a deeper meaning depending on the gamer.

The game is straight forward, life starts out as nothingness. The powers that be decide to change this and bring in new ‘laws’ that will govern your existence. … Read More

Delusion – Prototype Download


Delusion, a short prototype created by jaekkl, is a first person horror in which you explore a series of abstract low contrast areas filled with creepy creatures and surreal sights.

You start in a dark room, with the only light present coming from an open doorway. As you enter the door closes swiftly behind you, leaving you in a pure white corridor leading to … Read More

STRAFE® – Pre-Alpha Demo


STRAFE is an awesome new sci-fi first person shooter inspired by FPS classic’s like DOOM, Quake, and Wolfenstein 3D, full of fast, fun and bloody retro-infused combat.

The tongue-in-cheek Kickstarter trailer speaks for itself – and illustrates how passionate the developers are about STRAFE and the games it plays homage to.  STRAFE features procedurally generated levels offering billions of level possibilities, beefy guns … Read More