Parasite – Alpha Demo


Parasite is a metroidvania-style puzzle-platformer that places you in the role of an alien worm, desperate to rid your home planet of a recent human infestation.

As a simple worm creature, you only have a single weapon at your disposal: the ability to infect a host and control their actions. As you crawl through the labyrinthine corridors of the humans’ space station, you will find … Read More

Sublevel Zero – Game Jam Build Download

sublevel zero

Sublevel Zero is a first person six-degree-of-freedom rogue-like shooter, that’s inspired by classic games like Descent and Forsaken, modernized with looting, crafting, procedural level generation, and an awesome 8-bit soundtrack.

The controls are smooth, you have a variety of weapons, the low-poly visuals are excellent and the 8-bit soundtrack is awesome.  There’s even Oculus Rift support if your brain can handle the 6DoF action.  … Read More