Hikari’s Station – Game Jam Build Download

Hikari’s Station, an adorable game made for the A Game By It’s Cover, seems you making friends and taking selfies on a busy train, while hoping to not annoy the people who end up in your pictures!

In Hikari’s Station the train you are taking home has quite a few stops between you and where you want to be. To make the most of … Read More

Juniper Keep Assassins – Game Jam Build Download

Juniper Keep Assassins, a very tough yet stylish retro action platformer made for the A Game By It’s Cover Jam, has you trying to stop an evil group from abducting children for secret scientific experiments!

In Juniper Keep Assassins you are one of the most talented and well-trained martial arts member of the Juniper Keep Squad. As such, you have been sent out to … Read More

SHE – Game Jam Build

SHE browser game

SHE, a story based game about a little girl made for the A Game By It’s Cover, uses a series of glitches to force you to become a bad friend.

You are normal kid going to school. You are running late but get the chance to sneak into class. As it turns out, everyone is focused on introducing the new girl. You have missed … Read More

Bittersweet – Game Jam Build Download

bittersweet game

Bittersweet, a macabre murdery pixel art puzzler made for the A Game By It’s Cover Jam, has you controlling a shadowy black entity as you attempt to escape a creepy home inhabited by brainwashed cult members.

You are a one-eyed black entity in a house full of seemingly brainwashed humans. The doors are all nailed or locked shut and if you ask the other … Read More