S.A.D. Cat – Prototype Download


S.A.D. Cat, being created by raxterworks, is a quirky puzzle platformer that sees you manipulating a two-dimensional perspective in a three-dimensional world –  a little like Fez, but with full 360 degree camera control.

In S.A.D Cat you play as a cat that has Seasonal Affective Disorder and travels the world alone, climbing ever upwards between different biomes full of brilliant colour and … Read More

The Enigma of Life After Death – Prototype Download

enigma of life after death

The Enigma of Life After Death is a stylish pixel art RPG adventure that revolves around a skeleton, a blood ritual, meaningful decisions and a mystery that will have you scratching your head until the very end.

The Enigma of Life After Death starts with your boney corpse being randomly resurrected in an abandoned crypt. Once you come to your senses you are able to … Read More

Eternal Hope – Alpha Download

Eternal Hope Dowload

Eternal Hope, being created by Double Hit, is an cleverly designed two-dimensional side-scrolling puzzle platformer that draws inspiration from Limbo, as you phase between realities and attempt to traverse a deadly land to find a loved one.

In Eternal Hope you must traverse the land of the dead to find your now dead beloved. In this land you have a special ability that … Read More

Stoneheart – Student Project Download


Stoneheart, being created by a handful of talent students at Digipen Institute, is a gorgeous, archery-focused puzzle platforming action game in which you must use a magical bow to escape an invasion by an army of evil robots.

In Stoneheart you play as a lone female warrior, travelling through a pristine, futuristic and mystical terrain full of vibrant colour. An invasion has just taken … Read More

DropCore – Pre-Alpha Demo


DropCore, being created by YC960 Studio, is an novel fusion of RTS and RPG elements that pits you and your team of war vehicles up against the unending onslaught of an ever evolving enemy that adapts to your tactics.

In DropCore you play as a Militant commander out to decimate the ever powerful conquering force that will stop at nothing to see your army … Read More