Mika – Student Project Download


Mika, created by a handful of talent students at Digipen Institute, is a brilliantly made open world action adventure title that sees you in a strange land full of dangerous obstacles and deadly creatures.

In Mika you play as a wayward girl who has found herself alone on a sci-fi fantasy world full of beautiful scenery, deadly creatures and talking plants. As you explore … Read More

Torpor – Game Jam Build Download


Torpor, created by Josh O Caoimh and Ludiorum for the Adventure Jame 2016, is a gorgeously detailed narrative piece about a soldier’s journey and the events that led up to his murder.

Although the game has no voice acting or text throughout, Torpor uses interactive items and beautifully designed levels that help the player interpret the events that are happening around them. This method … Read More

Descent – Alpha Download

Descent Game

Descent, being created by Klarice, is an ultra creepy horror title that distills jump-scare horror down to it’s purest form as you descend ever downwards into it’s nightmarish stairwell.

In Descent you play as a person meant to represent yourself. Waking up in a cold, dark and dimly lit area completely surrounded by brick walls. With only one possible direction to head, and no … Read More

Andromeda: There Is No God Up Here – Alpha Demo


Andromeda: There Is No God Up Here, being created by a development team of the same name, is a sleek, sci-fi pixel art metroidvania based shooter set on a strange planet in another galaxy.

In Andromeda: There Is No God Up Here (Or Simply Andromeda: T.I.N.G.U.H or Andromeda) you play as a bounty hunter by the name of Max Weaver, sent on a mission … Read More

Shrubnaut – Game Jam Build Download


Shrubnaut is a fun little puzzle platformer that sees you using a hook-shot to traverse the charming pixel art landscape while solving puzzles on a space terrarium full of secrets and wonders.

In Shrubnaut you find yourself on a space terrarium, full of lush green plains and crystal clear water. You wont find anything to harm you in this place, but to reach the exit … Read More