Möira – Alpha Demo

Moira game

Möira, a game being created by Onagro Studios, is an impressive retro wizardy action platformer in which you can mimic and combine other peoples spells with some very nifty results.

You play as Rubick, a young man learning to become a powerful wizard. Under the guidance of his master, Zeppeli, Rubick learns the ability to mimic other peoples spells for his own use. Impressed … Read More

Trial By Viking – Beta Demo

trial by viking

Trial By Viking, a game being created by Last Life Games, is an extremely well polished, action packed sidescrolling platformer set in world of Vikings and Norse Gods.

You play as the main character in this epic tale of gods, monsters and men. Odin, King of Asgard, has charged you with ending Loki’s reign of chaos, before human kind is wiped from the face … Read More