Cold Vengeance – Alpha Demo

Clod Vengeance

Cold Vengeance, a game being created by Malec2b, is an addictive third person run and gun action game that sees you fighting back against a totalitarian government that took over Canada.

You play as Sgt. Jon Dagger, who has been charged with saving the president from the clutches of the new Canadian government. With only his trusted gun, fully upgradable I might add, by … Read More

Just Me and Only Me Against The World – Game Jam Build Download

me an only me

Just Me and Only Me Against the World, a game created by Adam Gryu for Ludum Dare No.34, is a stylish and infectious shooter that will have you raging at its difficulty but fascinated at the awesome chaos that ensues in this game.

You, as the protagonist of the game, have showed up to stop the invasion of earth. The only problem is you … Read More