Project Diode – Prototype Download

diode game

Project Diode is a very cool looking third person action adventure in which you use a badass sword, a shield, powerful guns and a controllable mechanical spider to make your way through a lush Unreal Engine-powered world full of deadly robots.

The current build of Project Diode is very much a prototype and is very early in development, but it shows great promise.  The prototype … Read More

Nimbatus – Alpha Demo


Nimbatus is a very cool 2D neon-filled sci-fi exploration game in which you craft your own drones and explore a vast procedurally generated (and fully destructible) universe.

In Nimbatus you can create drones from hundreds of different parts, then use them to explore the universe, fight enemies, invade nearby planets, take part in drone races or battle in epic boss fights.  You’ll find many different … Read More