She Remembered Caterpillars – Beta Demo (Steam)

She Remembered Caterpillars

She Remembered Caterpillars is a beautifully animated fungipunk fantasy adventure with inventive color-based puzzles and a narrative that explores the bond between a parent and child, with themes of love, loss and holding on.

She Remembered Caterpillars’ beautiful hand drawn world harbours some deceptively tricky puzzles, in it you control the adorable little fungi people separately, using their different colors to achieve different tasks, and … Read More

Construct – Alpha Demo


Construct is a beautiful looking first person platformer with puzzle elements, in which you attempt to escape after becoming trapped inside a computer system.

In Construct you explore the game’s beautiful cyber world, discover ‘ability orbs’ and unlock new abilities as you hunt down the sixteen ‘system core power orbs’ required to escape.  It’s primarily a platformer, but there are some puzzle elements too as … Read More

Project Diode – Prototype Download

diode game

Project Diode is a very cool looking third person action adventure in which you use a badass sword, a shield, powerful guns and a controllable mechanical spider to make your way through a lush Unreal Engine-powered world full of deadly robots.

The current build of Project Diode is very much a prototype and is very early in development, but it shows great promise.  The prototype … Read More

DYE – Alpha Demo


DYE is a gorgeous looking Super Meat Boy-esque pixel art precision platformer in which you control a little puff-ball called Hue, who’s attempting to rescue pigments and restore color to his world.

The DYE Alpha Demo features six levels that span two different worlds, with normal and hard modes for each one.  It’s a fun game, with tight controls, great audio, beautiful pixel art … Read More