SightLine – Prototype Download


SightLine is an adventure puzzle game which uses line of sight as a core gameplay mechanic, with items and scenery dramatically changing when you’re not looking.  An all-knowing narrator helps guide you through the disorientating, somewhat creepy game, full of visual trickery reminiscent of that seen in Antichamber.

There is a Prototype and a Playground available to download, the playground is a small test … Read More



AR-K is a nice episodic point and click adventure where the community can participate in its development from the beginning with feedback from players after each episode shaping how the game evolves.

The game revolves around Alicia Van Volish, a former cop turned into a journalism student who is investigating a myterious golden sphere. The game features some inventive puzzles, great artwork, and a nice … Read More


In-Vivo puts you in the shoes of an alien abductee, trying to escape the spaceship of your captors.  Unfortunatley, due to the tranquilisers they have you on, you only have 30 seconds to make your escape, before passing out and being taken to your cell.

Things are made slightly easier by the ‘dream state’ you enter when you pass out, allowing you to freely roam … Read More


The White Mask Experiment is an interactive experience delivered in the form of a First Person game.  It explores shape, colour, and the user’s ability to traverse masked out pathways and objects to reach their goal, using only small balls that can be rolled in front of you to mark the way.  It’s inspired by “First Person Walker” games such as Proteus and Dear Esther, … Read More