Air Brawl – Alpha Download

air brawl game

Air Brawl is a fun blend of Studio Ghibli-esque steampunk visuals, acrobatic arcade dogfighting, Mario Kart multiplayer madness and OTT weaponry that we first featured in June last year.  It’s now entered it’s Alpha stage of development and the devs have released a huge update, with vastly upgraded visuals and loads of new aircraft and weaponry.

Now featuring five rather far-out aircraft, including the … Read More

Air Brawl – Alpha Demo

Air Brawl 2

Air Brawl – the acrobatic arcade dogfighting sim with Ghibli-esque visuals and Mario Kart-style OTT weaponry is now on Kickstarter, complete with a new and improved Multiplayer Alpha Demo.

We first covered Air Brawl last June and found it to be a blast.  With agile aircraft and well designed maps that encourage low flying and squeezing through tight gaps.  The new Alpha Demo … Read More

Air Brawl – Open Alpha

Air Brawl 2

Air Brawl is entering it’s third open play test, this time you’ll be able to take to the beautiful Ghibli-esque skies for some fast paced dog-fighting action until the end of July.

As we said back in June, Air Brawl is a fun fast paced aircraft combat game with responsive controls and agile aircraft, with a focus on combat and racing through the skies … Read More