Golem Creation Kit – Alpha Demo

Golem Creation Kit Game Download

Golem Creation Kit is a funny sandbox puzzler in which you craft mighty golems from random things in the environment, such as sheep, dead sea monsters or entire buildings, as you attempt to scare away pitchfork-wielding mobs from your castle!

In Golem Creation Kit you play a wizard who is studying along with his crow companion while his master is away on a trip. Unfortunately … Read More

Spellrazor – Alpha Demo

spellrazor 2

Spellrazor is a unique dungeon crawling cyber-roguelike with 27 different fire buttons, odd little secrets, intentional glitches and challenging gameplay inspired by classics like Defender and Robotron.

The game takes place in a haunted arcade cabinet that’s rumoured to be created by Duncan Bower – the developer of the Polybius game that has now sunk into urban legend.  Duncan was said to be working … Read More