Hyperspace Delivery Service – Alpha Download

Hyperspace Delivery Service plays like a fun fusion of FTL and The Oregon Trail as you manage your spaceship, deal with random events and complete minigames, while attempting to deliver a package into the outer reaches of space in just 500 days.

In Hyperspace Delivery Service you take control of your spaceship as you attempt to deliver a package hundreds of lightyears through space. As … Read More

Alpha Beta Gamer Game of the Year Awards!


It may not of been the best year ever in the real world, but thanks to some wonderfully innovative developers we’ve enjoyed some some excellent games and figured what better way to celebrate them than with some awards! It was impossible to choose a single ‘game of the year’ so instead we’ve opted to divide them into a few categories that highlight some of our … Read More

WaveLand – Alpha Demo

WaveLand download

WaveLand is a fun speedrun-focused platforming adventure that requires mastery of the air-dash button to allow you to find a fast, flowing route through each level.

WaveLand can be played like a traditional Mario-style platformer, as you avoid hazards, find secrets and make your way to the end of the level. It takes on a whole new aspect once you attempt to speedrun your … Read More

Albert and Otto – Alpha Demo

albert and otto

Albert and Otto is a beautiful cinematic platformer, packed with inventive physics based puzzles, that follows a boy and his magic red bunny who appears to be on a quest to save his love, but turns out to be something a whole lot darker.

Being a silhouetted puzzle platformer that sees you controlling a young boy in a treacherous world, comparisons to Limbo are easily … Read More

The ABG YouTube Community Page!

ABG Youtube community

We’re incredibly grateful for all the Let’s Plays the YouTube community have created that feature games found via Alpha Beta Gamer.  Not only do all the awesome videos help spread the word about our little site, but it’s also one of the best ways for devs to get feedback on their games – when it comes to playtesting, nothing beats being able to watch people … Read More