Hostile World – Alpha Demo

hostile world

Hostile Word is a floaty, side-scrolling arcade shooter that puts you in control of a space vessel exploring the surface of an alien planet and searching for the truth behind the sudden radio silence from the onworld research facility.

The levels of Hostile World play quite linearly; to complete each zone you’ll have to fly over to the end-gate and, after picking up your first … Read More

Zpocalypse: Survival – Pre-Alpha Download


Zpocalypse: Survival is an isometric sandbox rogue-lite strategic survival game based on the popular Zpocalypse board games where you manage a group of survivors in a post-nuclear zombie apocalypse.  Zpocalypse: Survival features 3D procedurally generated worlds, Rogue-lite elements, an XCOM-Style permadeath system, Day/Night cycles and base building, management and defence.

Character movement is controlled through a Diablo-Style point & click system, your job is to … Read More



Parapraxis Foundations is a stylish 2D platformer that focuses on speed runs and precision platforming.

You control a human subject brought in for testing by the mysterious MEC race and infected with a power-granting parasite.  The devs plan to make Parapraxis Foundations into a trillogy, and plan to use community led development so players can directly influence the development on the game and even submit … Read More