Soviet Humour – Alpha Demo


Soviet Humour, an online multiplayer word game inspired by Cards Against Humanity has you censoring and uncensoring headlines to try and create the most hilarious result!

Soviet Humour draws inspiration from the JackBox Party Games and Cards Against Humanity, but provides a fun new Soviet-style censoring twist to create an excellent online game that’s full of laugh out loud moments.  In the game … Read More

We All End Up Alone – Alpha Demo


We All End Up Alone is a powerful and emotional narrative adventure in which you deal with your battle with cancer by day and escape into a dreamlike world at night that’s populated with your innermost thoughts and fears.

We All End Up Alone combines beautiful artwork, excellent writing and powerful subject matter to create an emotional narrative that really hits hard. Each day you … Read More

Reclaim Earth – Alpha Demo

reclaim earth game

Reclaim Earth is a fast-paced, low res first-person shooter inspired by the DOOM franchise. With solid shooting mechanics and tight controls, Reclaim Earth provides more than just a nostalgic throwback splattered with bloody, pixellated gore; this game is a berserker packin’ man-and-a-half!

After humanity flees Earth following an alien invasion, a few brave souls dare to venture back to their abandoned home planet five years … Read More

Mark’s Rooms – Alpha Demo

Marks Room

Mark’s Rooms is an atmospheric room escape game where you must collect items, find clues, and solve puzzles to help Mark regain his lost memories.

The demo for Mark’s Rooms presents the first room of eight and serves as the prologue to Mark’s story. The bits of scrap paper hidden throughout his bedroom reveal a sad childhood, one of neglect, abuse, and untimely death. Much … Read More

Warlock’s Tower – Alpha Demo

Warlocks Tower Game

Warlock’s Tower, an addictive pixel art puzzler, has you trapped in a tower, where route-planning is paramount as every single step you take depletes your heath bar.

You play a mailman called Tim, who is looking to deliver a peace offering to the evil warlock. This warlock lives high up in a mysterious tower, but you venture in anyway as you have a job … Read More