Golden Light – Alpha Download

Golden Light is a very freaky first person roguelike survival horror game where everyday objects like computers and vending machines can spring to life and brutally murder you!

Currently in development by the talented Da Neel (creator of A Box Full of Joy, Boneborne: Prologue and Unrottenskulls). Golden Light is a tense and terrifying first person horror game where grotesque abominations can jump … Read More

Disjunction – Alpha Demo

Disjunction is a stylish pixel art cyberpunk stealth-action RPG adventure where three unique characters unravel a web of conspiracy that could change the fate of their city.

Set in New York in the year 2048, Disjunction follows Frank Munroe, Joe “Lockjaw” Murphy and Zhi Zhu – three uniquely skilled protagonists who start digging into the corruption that’s going on in the city for very different … Read More

Serin Fate – Open Alpha

Serin Fate is a charming 2D RPG adventure that plays like a blend of Pokémon and Stardew Valley as you capture and train creatures called Chimera and use them to fight monsters.

Drawing inspiration from Pokémon, Harvest Moon, Runescape and Chrono Trigger, Serin Fate puts you in the shoes of an apprentice who has just turned into a Witch who lives in a fantasy … Read More

Reactor – Prototype Download

Reactor is a fun little pixel art puzzle adventure where you attempt to collect graphite fragments from the irradiated remains of a nuclear reactor.

In Reactor you don a bright yellow hazard suit and enter the remains of an exploded nuclear reactor. You don’t really have any special abilities other than being able to push boxes and jump high, but you have to try and … Read More