Kingdom Shell – Beta Demo

Kingdom Shell is a dark fairytale open world action platforming adventure with metroidvania elements where a half-demon who is been summoned to save a kingdom that’s plagued by nightmare creatures.

Drawing inspiration from classic 90s action platformers, Kingdom Shell follows Elias the Half-Blood – a half-demon criminal who is the last hope for a kingdom plagued by darkness. The barrier that protected the kingdom has … Read More

Exit Mask – Alpha Demo

Exit Mask is a stylish and unsettling first person horror game where the biggest threat is yourself as you delve into a surreal black and white world inspired by obsessive thought patterns and compulsions.

In Exit Mask you find yourself exploring large surreal black and white levels, filled with macabre imagery that represents intrusive thoughts and the uglier side within us all. There are large … Read More

Brickadia – Open Alpha

Brickadia is an online brick building game that essentially allows you to build anything you like using LEGO style blocks and play within large multiplayer sandboxes.

In Brickadia you can jump into online multiplayer sandboxes (or host your own) and build whatever you desire using an extensive selection of building tools. Visually and gameplay-wise the game is essentially a massive LEGO sandbox, allowing you to … Read More