Cynical 7 – Alpha Demo

Cynical 7 is a charming and wonderfully witty narrative based adventure in which you play a directionless, anti-social game developer who’s searching for meaning in the world.

Although it’s told in a cheerful and funny manner, the narrative of Cynical 7 explores lot of real life issues, such as friendship, social anxiety and relationships. Tris, the main character is a likeable if flawed person, who … Read More

Diaube – Alpha Demo

Diaube Game Download

Diaube is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you use the corpses of your brethren as stepping stones to help you progress through each level.

In Diaube you control an endless supply of cute little cube boys who have make it through the games stylish monochrome single-screen levels. There are 20 main levels and 5 bonus levels in the current build, most of which … Read More

Ridiculous Fist – Alpha Demo

Ridiculous Fist Game Download

Ridiculous Fist is a fun blend of platforming and *ahem* fisting, as you control your character with the keyboard and a six foot tall magical floating fist with the mouse!

It’s not clear why narratively, but for some reason in Ridiculous Fist you control a human and a giant fist, and must make your way through challenging physics based puzzle platforming levels. Your human is … Read More

Fusion Point – Alpha Download

Fusion Point game download

Fusion Point is a very tough non-combative 3D platforming adventure in which you run, jump, wall-run and dash your way through beautiful sci-fi environments and attempt to discover why your home planet is now in ruins.

In Fusion Point you control an agile adventurer who has just returned to his home planet after a long time away to find it in ruins. You must now … Read More