DropCore – Pre-Alpha Demo


DropCore, being created by YC960 Studio, is an novel fusion of RTS and RPG elements that pits you and your team of war vehicles up against the unending onslaught of an ever evolving enemy that adapts to your tactics.

In DropCore you play as a Militant commander out to decimate the ever powerful conquering force that will stop at nothing to see your army … Read More

Legend Maker – Alpha Demo

Legend Maker

Legend Maker is essentially Mario Maker for classic Legend of Zelda-style dungeon crawling action RPGs, with you able to easily build, play and share your own adventures in a matter of minutes.

The Alpha Demo offers up a small sample of what’s planned in the full game, and doesn’t contain a tutorial yet, but once you get to grips with it, it’s remarkably easy … Read More

Ballf – Alpha Demo


Ballf is a fun voxel based golf game in which bears throw balls across a variety of courses – from floating islands to space stations.

The Ballf Alpha Demo is still early in development and does have some rough edges, but it shows promise and it’s got plenty of content – with 8 courses playable in single or multiplayer in traditional or speed-based game modes.… Read More

KByte – Alpha Demo


KByte is a fabulous homage to retro games, in which you can play a variety of retro games, themed around different consoles – from the ZX Spectrum to the Super Nintendo.

In the game, you control KByte, a creature who dons various suits to allow him to take on various challenges.  These challenges come in the form of differently themed retro games, playable on different … Read More