Tokyo Warfare Turbo – Alpha Download

Tokyo Warfare Turbo is a carnage-filled arcade tank warfare game that allow you to do battle with a variety of different tanks in urban Japanese environments.

A sequel to the popular original Tokyo Warfare game, Tokyo Warfare Turbo allows you to roll out in a wide variety of heavily armored tanks and cause chaos in Japanese urban settings. It’s currently single player only with you … Read More

DeathBulge: Battle of the Bands – Kickstarter Demo

DeathBulge: Battle of the Bands is a lighthearted musical RPG adventure where you explore a magical forest full of super-buff enemies and recruit band members to help you win a cursed battle of the bands.

Drawing inspiration from Final Fantasy, Earthbound and Toejam & Earl, DeathBulge: Battle of the Bands offers a fun twist on the traditional turn based RPG adventure as you use … Read More

Dark Horizon – Alpha Download

Dark Horizon is a beautiful and creepy platforming adventure where a young boy sets out to save his village from a factory that’s polluting his village and spawning smoky monsters that lurk in the shadows.

The smog-filled world of Dark Horizon is a pretty grim place to live in. The smog is making everyone ill, dead birds litter the rooftops and dying/dead people litter the … Read More