Athanasia – Alpha Demo

Athanasia is a retro styled horror FPS with immersive sim elements, where you battle time travelling dinosaurs and prehistoric beasts in a mysterious facility.

In Athanasia you are a researcher and explorer who has been called out to investigate a secret facility in South America. You soon find that most of the staff are dead and the facility is overrun with prehistoric creatures It seems … Read More

WRECK – Alpha Demo

WRECK is a brutal voxel-based FPS where you can destroy anything in the game and blast enemies through walls.

In WRECK you’re an agent who is sent out on missions to eliminate targets. The game plays a little like a first person Hotline Miami, with fast-paced gameplay and non-reloading guns. The hook is the voxel-based environmental destruction though – you can punch or shoot … Read More

Darwake: Awakening from the Nightmare – Alpha Demo

Darwake: Awakening from the Nightmare is a visually stunning hand drawn cinematic puzzle platformer adventure set within a child’s endless nightmare.

In Darwake you follow Darwin and his mysterious owl companion as they navigate a surreal nightmare that Darwin is trapped in. His family have consulted many doctors to try and break him out of his slumber, but it seems that the only way he’ll … Read More

Blood Typers – Alpha Demo

Blood Typers is a third person survival horror adventure that’s played entirely by using your keyboard to type out commands.

Playable in single-player or co-op, Blood Typers is a typing-based survival horror game where you attempt to escape from a monster-infested movie studio campus. It’s a little like Typing of The Dead, but with much more control of your character.

You can rotate your character … Read More