Sky Beneath – Alpha Demo

Sky Beneath is a gravity bending third person Sci-Fi puzzle platforming adventure where you have the ability to instantly flip gravity in any direction you like!

Sky Beneath takes place on a distant planet where a cooperative effort between humans and an alien mining company went terribly wrong. You take on the role of a scavenger who explores the abandoned mines and alien facilities in … Read More

Neon Beasts – Kickstarter Demo

Neon Beasts is a gloriously brutal neon-soaked run ‘n gun FPS where a vicious half-wolf hitman sets out to kill a high-flying terrorist who has taken over a city.

In Neon Beasts you take on the role of Beast – a half man, half wolf hitman who has been recruited to perform a hit on a powerful businessman/terrorist called Vincent, who has organized a revolt … Read More

Mortal Sin – Alpha Demo

Mortal Sin is a gloriously brutal first person action-horror roguelike where you slice up monsters, earn perks and collect loot as you fight your way through procedurally generated dungeons.

Featuring a beautiful graphic novel visual style and buckets of red blood, Mortal Sin is a fast paced melee-focused first person roguelike where you fight your way through nightmarish dungeons to destroy the source of evil … Read More