MindSeize – Pre-Alpha Demo

MindSeize is a 2D Sci-Fi action platforming metroidvania that sees you taking on the role of a private investigator who uses a robot body to chase dangerous criminal organisations across dangerous unexplored planets.

After the leader of a criminal organisation stole your daughters mind and left you crippled, you use your mind to control a hi-tech robotic body and set out to save your daughter … Read More

Eldervale – Alpha Demo

Eldervale is a very creepy third person survival horror reminiscent of the early Resident Evil games, which sees you returning to an abandoned boarding school for ‘deviant’ children and searching for answers about what happened to your family.

Drawing inspiration from classic survival horror games like Silent Hill and Resident Evil, Eldervale puts you in the role of Ophelia Delaney, a young woman who … Read More