Dono’s Tale – Alpha Demo

Dono’s Tale is a delightful Yoshi’s Story/Yoshi’s Island inspired 2D platforming adventure where a cute little dragon sets out in search of his stolen fruit.

In Dono’s Tale you control a little blue dragon who must travel to deserts, grasslands, underwater cities, mountains and space to retrieve his stolen fruit. Dono controls a lot lire Yoshi (and even has a similar floaty jump), but he … Read More

Feral Frontier – Alpha Demo

Feral Frontier is a fast and fun 2D side-scrolling action platforming adventure where an agile little fox fights his way through a dystopian techno-wilderness.

In Feral Frontier you take on the role of Reynard, an anthropomorphic fox escapes captivity and sets out into the wilderness. It turns out the outside world is pretty hazardous and is filled with assorted augmented creatures that are none too … Read More