LUNA: The Shadow Dust – Pre-Alpha Demo

LUNA The Shadow Dust

LUNA – The Shadow Dust is a gorgeous 2D point and click adventure puzzle game with high quality Studio Ghibli-esque artwork and animation, in which you take control of a boy and his cute little friend, who go on a journey to bring balance to their troubled enchanted world.

The gameplay in LUNA: The Shadow Dust is reminiscent of Machinarium or Samorost, with you … Read More



Mini Metro is a simple, fun and addictive subway planning game, where you’re tasked with drawing routes between stations to minimise commuter congestion.  Things start of easily with only 3 stations, but as time progresses more stations are added, increasing the burden on your network.  You will unlock upgrades as time progresses, but eventually, due to congestion, your network will grind to a halt, all … Read More