Lonely Mountains: Downhill – Kickstarter Demo

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a beautiful, peaceful and brutal low poly mountain biking game in which you carve a path down vast unspoiled mountainsides and avoid the many hazards that will cause your demise.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a mountain biking game that celebrates the joy of mountain biking and getting back to nature rather than turning it into a sponsor-filled spectator sport. It’s just … Read More

Frauki’s Adventure – Alpha Download

Frauki’s Adventure is a challenging open world action platformer with charming SNES-style visuals and clever shortcut-filled world design akin to the Dark Souls series.

In Frauki’s Adventure you control a sporty looking female protagonist who ends up attempting to help a friendly looking flower goddess out of the prison she’s locked in. This requires you collecting four large crystals that are scattered around the … Read More

Dismantled – Alpha Demo

Dismantled is a creepy first person survival horror game created in the GZDoom engine that sees you attempting to escape a mysterious facility filled with dead bodies and abominations of nature.

As it’s created in the GZDoom engine, the character movement is fast, smooth and Doom-like, but everything else is feels more akin to a full on survival horror like Resident Evil or The Read More

Cynical 7 – Alpha Demo

Cynical 7 is a charming and wonderfully witty narrative based adventure in which you play a directionless, anti-social game developer who’s searching for meaning in the world.

Although it’s told in a cheerful and funny manner, the narrative of Cynical 7 explores lot of real life issues, such as friendship, social anxiety and relationships. Tris, the main character is a likeable if flawed person, who … Read More

Diaube – Alpha Demo

Diaube Game Download

Diaube is a fun little puzzle platformer in which you use the corpses of your brethren as stepping stones to help you progress through each level.

In Diaube you control an endless supply of cute little cube boys who have make it through the games stylish monochrome single-screen levels. There are 20 main levels and 5 bonus levels in the current build, most of which … Read More