Scribble Ships – Beta Download


Scribble Ships is a fun little 2D top down shooter in which you can draw your own ship and take it into battle against little doodle ships on a scrap of paper!

The evil black and white doodle spaceships are attacking you and attempting to take your color away. It’s up to you to blast them with your paint guns to color them in and … Read More

Colored – Beta Demo


Colored is a magical hand drawn puzzle platformer that allows players to switch between two parallel dimensions as you explore it’s world that’s packed with diverse puzzles and beautiful hand drawn artwork.

Although the mechanics are quite different, Colored feels fondly reminiscent of Braid, with no hand holding or unnecessary filler as you explore it’s beautiful world. The more you discover of the world, … Read More

Party, Darling? – Beta Download

Party Darling Game

Party, Darling? is a wonderfully weird and super funky murder mystery puzzle adventure in which you explore an ever changing mansion, interrogating and insulting the illusive Omar Clean’s guests, as you attempt to discover what’s really going on at his party.

Omar Clean has invited you to a mysterious party. You do not know anyone there or anything about Omar (other than he owns a … Read More